The ONLY CPD management
tool extensively developed
by colleges for colleges

Committed to continuous development

Passport offers unrivalled value
for a multi dimensional CPD management software system

Licence fee discounts and payment schedule options

Effective and easy to use
performance review and
staff development wizard

Create customised perfomance reviews for each role

KEY BENEFITS: REDUCES time needed to execute CPD allowing a more strategic approach

KEY BENEFITS: DELIVERS massive cost savings and minimises inefficiences

KEY BENEFITS: CREATES the opportunity to achieve better outcomes for learners and employers

KEY BENEFITS: ALLOWS CPD to be seen as an opportunity rather than a compliance

KEY BENEFITS: EMPOWERS individuals to be more involved in their performance and future

KEY BENEFITS: COMPLEMENTS existing HR software and delivers an enhanced CPD capability

KEY BENEFITS: ASSISTS in achieving Vision and Mission Statement objectives

KEY BENEFITS: ENABLES brilliant training which results in brilliant teaching

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