Passport to Success is a unique, cost effective management tool developed in conjunction with FE Colleges, that delivers a complete solution to all your staff's CPD, Performance Review and Lesson Observation needs.

Simplify and enhance the management of your CPD with one easy to use system.

Saving time and money, Passport to Success has been described as "a revelation in CPD Management". It cuts administration time, and gives users a simple way to manage their CPD records, perform effective performance reviews and record lesson observations.

With Passport's extensive reporting and evaluation functions, delivery of statutory compliance is easy.



Continuing Professional Development
Searching for courses, making funding requests and keeping your Scholarly activities up to date is easier than ever. Take part in Mandatory Courses and make and monitor your funding requests.

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Lesson Observations
A new addition to Passport and helps cover another area that falls upon CPD and HR Departments. Set up observation meetings with any staff member in the college anonymously and fill out before, during and after questions that the college can specify and be reviewed by HR staff once complete.


Meeting Wizard and Performance Evaluation
Performance Reviews are easy and allow scheduled meetings, appraisals and follow up actions. Manage your team and help keep their progression on track.


Language Compliance (Coming Soon)
Working hand in hand with Welsh colleges we are due to roll out multilingual support which will help meet the language based software obligations coming into force this year in Wales.

With budgets in Education being held or reduced, finding ways to optimise your processes and get value for money is really important. With no "per head" cost Passport to Success is possibly the most cost effective tool on the market. 


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"Passport to Success has revolutionised the way we manage our learning and development provision at Coleg y Cymoedd. I honestly don’t know how we managed without it!"

Sarah Lewis, Learning and Development Co-ordinator at Coleg y Cymoedd