What happens if I buy the software and it does not work on our server?
Before you purchase the software a pre-installation evaluation is carried out free of charge. This will ensure that Passport to Success is compatible with your organisation's existing IT Systems.

Do I need Colour Visions or Pebble Pad Software in order to use this product fully?
No. Passport to Success is a freestanding application that doesn't require any additional software.

As with other personnel software, do I have to pay the licence fee or annual membership per head?
No. There is no limit to the amount of users you can register within your organisation for the one-off licence fee and annual membership.

What is the cost of extra administrator training days?
Within the one-off licence fee you will receive a one day, one person Passport Administrator Training Course. If you require further training, this can be organised. The fees for additional one-to-one and group training are available on request.

How long after I purchase the software will it be before it's installed on my college's server?
As soon as you purchase Passport to Success, we will work with you to customise the page design and colour scheme of your interface within ten working days. Once that is approved and as long as all the pre-install population data is supplied in suitable formats, we provide the final installer files to you within a further ten working days. Any requested features specific to your organisation, may require extra development time.

Do I have to pay the licence fee annually?
No. The licence fee is a one-off payment to purchase the software.

Who am I buying the licence from?
Emaginate Ltd. They are the distributors and developers for Passport to Success and also provide the installations and technical support.

Do I have to subscribe to the Annual Membership?
Yes. This allows us to offer you extensive user support and to send you all of the software updates and additions. This is essential in order for you to always have the most recent version of the software that meets CPD legislation and requirements. The annual membership fee is £2,400 + VAT (subject to change) and is paid annually in advance.

Is the first year's Annual Membership included in the initial licence fee?
No. When you purchase Passport to Success you will also be required to purchase the first year's annual membership.

Can Passport to Success have bespoke functions added to it?
Yes. We are developing Passport to Success continuously. However if your requirement is unique to your organisation, then we are happy to discuss options for developing this element either exclusively to your organisation, or as part of a Passport to Success update.

If you have any questions that have not been answered above, please don't hesitate to contact us here.